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Route 2 - Southern Europe / Africa

The Mediterranean – do you immediately think of “savoir vivre” and “ars vivendi”? Experience the unique sensation of approaching life with a little more time for reflection and receiving a season ticket for beautiful weather. Let your senses enjoy a glass of wine and the sun. Treat yourself! Andalusia has echoes of more than fire and "caliente": Find out for yourself and unleash your own Mediterranean fire, olé! Italy - o sole mio, Espresso, Chianti and Amore – need we say more? Alexandria, the mysterious Egyptian city and father of one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Here you will encounter the Near East and a culture seven thousand years old. As Lebanon’s most important harbour city, Beirut is attractive for its oriental hospitality and mixture of European and Middle Eastern architecture. Extraordinary sights and exotic spices in the bazaars will leave you with a firework of memories. Casablanca, with its French and Portuguese influences, boasts the second largest mosque and the tallest minarets in the world.

Modern vessels on a very interesting destination!
Nice trip on a modern and German container vessel from Rotterdam into the Mediterranean Sea.
Nice and interesting round trip voyage into the mediterranean sea with large car carriers of the Italian Grimaldi line.
Nice voyage on a containervessel of a German shipping company to different ports in Spain.
Nice voyage on a container vessel of a German shipping line to South Africa.
Wonderful voyage to the Canary Islands on three new and modern container vessels of a German shipping company.
From Monfalcone we can offer now weekly sailings on large and modern Car-Carriers into the eastern part of the Mediterranean. Round trip duration approx. 14 days! Roundtrip up from EUR 947,00. Part legs up from EUR 510,00.
New voyage on a container vessel of a German shipping line.
Nice trip on a modern container vessel of a German shipping line.
Very nice voyage on an approved container vessel of a German shipping line into the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.
Nice roundtrip voyage from Hamburg to ports in Portugal, England and Scandinavia.
Wonderful trip to North Africa.
Nice roundtrip voyage to Spain and Portugal from/to Rotterdam on a modern and nice container vessel of a German shipping line.
Nice short trip form Valencia to different spanish ports, .