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HSR-1-05 : Finland / Latvia


Nice voyage on a modern containervessel to different ports in the Baltic Sea. Actual routing is Riga and Klaipeda with weekly change. But schedule can be changed shortly and ports like Helsinki, Stockholm or St.Petersburg will be come in this schedule as well. 14 days prior to departure we are able to give you more details. PLEASE NOTE: A Russian Visa is needed to go ashore in St.Petersburg!


Hamburg,  Bremerhaven,  Nord-Ostsee-Kanal,  Riga,  Nord-Ostsee-Kanal,  Hamburg

Ship Details

Container vessel

Size: 17.488 TDW

Flag: Cyprus

Vessel Length: 168,11 m

Captain Nationality: international

Width: 27,05 m

Built: 2009

Wiring System Voltage: 220 V

Currency: EUR

Indoor pool: no

Outdoor pool: no

Sauna: yes

Table tennis: no

Stewart: no

TV/Video and/or DVD: no

Travel Terms:

Valid passport required

Minimum age: 6 years

Maximum age: 79 years


Immunization: no


Total price from: 1070 ?

Price per day from: 107 ?

Travel duration: 10 Day(s)


Apartment 400, double suite, View astern restricted by life boat, shower/WC, Refrigerator B-deck

Apartment 401, double suite, Open view astern, shower/WC, Refrigerator B-deck

Apartment 310, double suite, View restricted by cargo, shower/WC, Refrigerator A-deck

3rd Mate 604, single cabin, Open view to the side, shower/WC, Refrigerator D-deck one room,

Reserve 708, single cabin, View open to forward, shower/WC, Refrigerator E deck one room,

1 Man 508, single cabin, View may be restricted by cargo, shower/WC, Refrigerator C-deck one room,

The Hamburg Süd Reiseagentur GmbH is not organizer of these voyages, but only acting as agent of the shipping company. The passage conditions of the shipping company are valid and binding. The above is subject to change.


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