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Route: I: North Sea and Baltic Sea / Northern Europe

The midnight sun in Scandinavia – just the phrase alone prompts us to wonder how it would really look "in the flesh". Perhaps you will glimpse an ancient Viking ship approaching through the mists of time - give your imagination free rein. The sounds of sword clashes of the ancient battles between the clans for power and land still ring out over the Highlands of Scotland, whose symbols bear witness to a fascinating culture, even today. Great Britain has been a monarchy for centuries. Visit its natural treasures far beyond the palaces and jewels. Follow the traces of history and experience nature as you have never seen it before - all on your freighter cruise to Northern Europe.

Prepare to be overwhelmed by the magnificence of nature – breathe deeply and leave the stress of everyday life far behind you. There are futuristic houses in Rotterdam which stand on a point. Are you sceptical? Ask to visit the “Cubic houses”! Portugal, country of the sea farer: back at home, you will miss the aroma of citrus fruits and the sparkling wines. You will find it almost impossible to leave Ireland, the Emerald Isle with its mysterious Highlands. You will love this unique feeling of freedom. St. Petersburg, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, has become a welcoming, vibrant metropolis. A city with history and a great deal of charm is always worth visiting. To many of us, the Norwegian Fjords are but a name. . You have the chance to discover more...

HSR-I-01 : Baltic Sea / Northsea
Baltic- / Northsea-Trade-1

Round trip from/to Hamburg to different ports in Finland.

HSR-I-02 : St. Petersburg
Hamburg - St. Petersburg

Wonderful voyage from Hamburg to St. Petersburg.

HSR-I-03 : Ireland
Ireland with big vessel

Nice trip to Ireland!

HSR-I-07 : England and Scotland from/to Rotterdam
Roundtrip England and Scotland

Nice voyage to ports in Engalnd and Scotland from/to Rotterdam.

HSR-I-09 : Baltic Sea / Northsea
Baltic- / Nort-Sea-Service 1

Round trip from/to Hamburg to different ports in Poland and in the Baltic States. Sometimes the schedule of the vessel can change.

HSR-I-12 : Irland


HSR-I-14-b : Norway
Fjord Norway from/to Rotterdam


HSR-I-14a : Norway
Rotterdam - Fjord Norway


HSR-I-15 : Irland
Rotterdam - Ireland


HSR-I-20 : Baltic Sea
Baltic Sea


HSR-I-23 : Norway
West Coast Norway

Nice voyage to different ports in Norway.

HSR-I-26 : Ireland

Nice roundtrip from Antwerp to different ports in Ireland.

HSR-I-27 : Ireland
Rotterdam - Ireland

Nice roundtrip from Rotterdam to different ports in Ireland. Duration approx. one week.